An Introduction Maybe

There are so many products out there full of filllers and chemicals that we ingest, rub all over our bodies, and breathe in, sometimes it’s nice to think to give your body a break. 

It started with shampoo for me, a few years ago. I don’t know what brought me to the no-poo movement, but I spent a year researching, testing, and generally not using shampoo. However, after the year was up and many failed attempts at the no-poo lifesyle, I decided it was just easier to buy shampoo. I am conscious about what kinds of shampoos I buy now (silicone free, sulphate free, etc) but am still always on the hunt for one that works just right for me (nope, still haven’t found it). I’m not sure the science behind the difference it makes, but Herbal Essences just doesn’t cut it anymore as it makes my hair feel blah. 

I used Natures Gate for a while, though between cost and the fact I wasn’t all that excited about using it, it got replaced once the bottle was done. I had one other I tried and only used for a week or so cause I didn’t like it at all, though I can’t for the life of me remember what it was called. After that I moved to Tresemme’s Botanique collection which I’ve been using for a while now. It does have sulphates, which meant it got put on the shelf when I got my hair dyed to extend the life of the bright colours I put in to my hair. I replaced it with a bottle of Loreal’s new EverPure, haven’t actually been a huge fan and I’m pretty sure it’s stripping my colours just as bad as a sulfur shampoo would. Just purchased a shampoo from Alba Botanica that I have yet to try out, my shampoo is an ongoing experiment for sure.

After shampoo came deodorant. I am someone who just bought whatever cheap antiperspirant I could find throughout my life, moved to buying aluminum free deodorant after reading briefly about the effects of aluminum on your body. Came across a super easy homemade deodorant made from baking soda and coconut oil, worked wonderfully until summer hit. Coconut oil became liquid, made a huge mess, went back to store bought deodorants. A few months ago I came across the Takesumi Detox Deodorant, managed to find a local store that sold it, bought the travel size one, went through the detox. Yes, I did smell more for the third week (I actually don’t use deodorant every day, so things like detox take much longer) but overall I was pretty happy with it. I’ve just recently ran out and re-considered the coconut oil/baking soda route, however we’re just coming in to summer which means I’m not too happy to go that way at the moment. In the process of sourcing some local beeswax to try and make a summer version, looking to use this recipe when I do find some.

Finally, I just started dabbling in toothpaste, and I decided I wanted somewhere to record all the mishaps I go through with all these experiments. I’ll make a separate post for tooth stuff as soon as I try it at least once. 

But anyways, welcome to my experiments in DIY / natural health products. Otherwise known as “what am I doing to myself?” šŸ™‚

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